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Massively Accelerate Your Growth

I have a track record for transforming businesses with substantial revenue boosts

Having supported 8 clients (and counting) from $0-$5k months to $1million+ per year in business in my small one on one practice didn’t happen by accident. It happened because we focused on the right things, solved the right problems, and kept simplicity and scalability at the forefront of our work. I’m here to help you do the same.


income in a year from $300k to $900k


increased revenue in 1 year (120k to 800k in 1 year)

Startup to 

cash in just nine months


business as a mom of 2 under 3


booked out post-mat leave to take months off with her new baby


to charities in 1 year

Completely Transform Your Business & Life

Money only matters when it’s backed by meaning. I support you to increase your revenue while ensuring that your happiness and aliveness follows suit.

The biggest goal I have is to help my clients create success that truly feels like success. Not the kind of success that leaves you saying, “well this isn’t how I thought it was going to be”, but the kind that leaves you saying, “Wow, this is better than I could have even expected!”. I want you to have meaning, fulfillment, and freedom that matches the dollar amount.

Clients Are Saying...

Over the years I’ve grown with Lacey from $10K-$15K months to $100K-$200K+ cash months, from $60K launches to $700K launches, from a one woman show to a lean, high-performing team of 6 — and I could not be more grateful for her consistency and support by my side as we’ve grown into a multi-million dollar brand.

Cait Scudder

Lacey has coached me through numerous business and life evolutions, from building a copywriting agency to mentoring women in how to grow their own profitable copywriting businesses, writing a book, launching a podcast, and so much more! She helped me go from $1,000 months to $20,000 months, have $25,000+ launches, and launch my book which debuted at #2 on Amazon bestseller list for New Releases in Women & Biz. She has helped me grow so much more than a business, but a full, beautiful LIFE.

Jessica Johnson

Founder of Bright Life Biz

When Lacey and I first started working together, I was in a season of my business where I was working one to one with clients. I was doing a lot of hours in my business and I had a really long wait list that I didn't know what to do with. With Lacey's support I launched my very first mastermind, and then from there went on to launch two more masterminds and evolve my business into what it is today, which is a million dollar per year business that serves incredible clients.

Ellie Swift

Business Coach, Mastermind Mentor, and Strategist

Lacey truly feels like a partner in my business. She is IN IT with me, whether things are going good or bad. She is thoughtful and thorough with her feedback and offers valuable input and suggestions. When we started working together I was consistently at $30-$40k months. Now I'm at $40-70k months which has been an incredible increase in just 6 months.

Kelly Mckenna

Therapist & Business Coach

Before working with Lacey I’d had a few sales here and there, a 10k month that was all from one off sales, was wildly inconsistent on socials and just constantly feel like I didn’t know what to do but was trying everything. I now have a 7-figure business working super part time. I have fun in my business and have made 4.5 million dollars after 4 years of basically nothing. I trust myself, I’ve handled so many hard moments, I’ve uncomplicated everything, I feel confident, wildly myself and shit is easy most days

Julia Wells

Coach + CEO at

Before working with Lacey I was just about to hit seven figures but wasn't getting there. I was doing tons of launches and marketing. I was happy but it wasn't sustainable. I was working 80+ hours per week. Two months after my first session with Lacey, I broke through a seven-figure ceiling I was occupying for months. I sold out my Mastermind. I planned and successfully had a maternity leave. I raised my coaching prices (and sold them) at $75k. I've now had two seven-figure sales years and done them while pregnant/ with a baby. I work 30 hours a week. I feel more detached but confident than I ever have in my business.

Leah Gervais

Founder and CEO at

When I first started working with Lacey, I had a handful of clients, and I was making around $800 - maybe $1k or $2k per month. Now my business is simplified, streamlined, booked out, and beyond profitable. I've been fully booked for 4.5 years with a client roster of 20-25 clients and now bring in recurring multi-five-figure cash months ($20k-$40k months). In the last four years, my business has generated a million in revenue. Oh, and I no longer work crazy hours. I work the workweek that feels really fulfilling to me, and have plenty of spaciousness to enjoy the money I make and my time outside of business with my husband, family, and friends.

Kim Argetsinger

Mindset Coach & Business Mentor

When I first started with Lacey I was making chunks of money from time to time but it was never consistent income. Over the last 2 years with Lacey, I have been able to create consistent $10k months, then I jumped to $35k month, then $70k months and I finally just had my first 6-figure month- $131k!! Having my first 6-figure year with Lacey and just 1 year later, my first 6-figure MONTH has been a LIFE and business milestone that I will never forget.

Suzie Agelopoulos

Business Mentor for Passive Income

Six months into working with Lacey, I had my first six-figure cash month, features in Forbes and Business Insider, and a sold-out group program filled with 120 people. A few months later, I had a $500k Mastermind Launch.

Sabrina Philipp

Business Coach for Online Entrepreneurs

Showing the Coaching Industry Possibility, One Client at a Time

I’m Lacey Sites… wife, human mama, dog mama, and seven-figure business owner

I used to drive to my “dream job” every day thinking, “Is this really all there is? Is this how the dream job is actually supposed to feel?” I’d look around at the people in the cars next to me and wonder if they felt the same. A Lit Up Life was built on the premise that I’d never have to ask that question again, and that the women I supported wouldn’t have to either. Now, millions in revenue in my own business and tens of millions of revenue for my clients’ businesses later I know one thing for sure… there was so, so much more than I could have even conceived of at that time AND it’s better than I could have ever imagined it to be. The life I get to live now… running a business I love, working with clients I’m obsessed with, spending loads of time with my one year old each day, and just… being the human I’ve always wanted to be…. is unmatched. I want that for you, and I know with the right support, it’s possible.

The fancy stuff…

  • Business mentor & success coach
  • MS in Mental Health Counseling
  • MBA in Ethical Leadership
  • CEO of A Lit Up Life
  • Co-CEO of Get Datable
  • In Business 8 years and counting